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This work was presented at CICTEM 2013, in Argentina! :D CICTEM 2013

Download links for the documentation:
Portuguese paper

This is a test for a JavaScript graphical filter editor, created by me (Carlos Rafael Gimenes das Neves - @carlosrafaelgn, ), based on my old C++ graphic equalizer.

Check out the source for more information! This test uses Web Audio API, File API and Web Worker API and requires a compliant browser to run properly. In Firefox 23 and 24, Web Audio API must be enabled using about:config.

Please, load files with a sample rate of 44100Hz or 48000Hz (the filter itself supports any sample rate, this is just due to AudioContext).

Check out the functions main() and updateConnections() to see how to have stereo output using two analyzers!

If running this locally in Chrome, it must be started with the command-line option --allow-file-access-from-files otherwise you will not be able to load any files!

* Playing files via streaming was tested on Chrome v29.0.1547.76 and later, and on Firefox Nightly v27.0a1 (2013-10-04). If any error happens, or you hear no difference when changing the filter, please, load the entire file into memory before playing.

** Chrome v30 has apparently stopped to support loading large files into memory. If any error happens, or only a small portion of the file is played/filtered, please, use either Chrome v29/v32+ or Firefox v26/v27+.